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We’re delighted to launch kalmmind a revolutionary sleep, relaxation and meditation App for people of all ages and lifestyles. Neuro-tested for those suffering sleepless nights, anxiety or fear.

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Why choose kalmmind?

A home grown AVOCA Ventures initiative, our main objectives with kalmmind was to enable you to create a kalm experience wherever you are, however you feel.

Stunning & easy to use interface

You and your child can enjoy relaxing

Neuro-tested to help bring kalm

For young and old, a powerful tool for those suffering sleepless nights, anxiety or fear

Creating a high quality visual

Enjoy the very best design & sound quality for optimal relaxation

Children love it

Perfect for children. Captivating features encourage drifting into a restful sleep

Creating a high quality visual and auditory experience

Understanding the long term harmful effects stress and anxiety. We spent time with scientists who helped us build a tool to enhance sense of wellbeing, clarity, kalm and contentment.

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Are you keen to hear from kalmmind?

For us to continue our work with neuroscientists, helping us discover further human insights so that we can release new kalmmind moods! Sign up to stay up to date on our exciting progress!

UCLA, Harvard, Oxford, Monash & NSW Universities have proven that regular practice

  • Slows down your neuro waves
    Proven that regular practice in slowing down your neuro waves helps combating, stress, improve focus and increase resilience.

  • Kalm your busy mind
    By selecting blissful sounds of waves or rain, steadying your breathing and relaxing your muscles.

  • Superpowers
    kalmmind is a powerful source of sleep promotion for those suffering sleepless nights, anxiety or fear.

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As an owner of two start-up companies I still try and maintain a work life balance, yet I still struggle to wind down at night. A bad nights sleep means less productivity which is bad for business. I have found that kalmmind is the one App that both relaxes and de-stresses me after an intense day at work or from the usual family chaos. I just set the kalmmind timer to 15-30 mins at night time and let this App kalm my thoughts. I'm a better boss and husband the next day. Well done guys.

Steve Wilson | CITI Recruitment

From an early age I can honestly say that when anyone says to me: Bart you need to go to hospital, we'll need to take your blood, you need a feeling removed or stitches. My hands start sweating, I instantly feel light headed and extreme anxiety comes on. I recently had to receive a few new vaccinations for a business trip to India and I decided to use kalmmind throughout the procedure - I switched on the Beach Mood coz I'm a keen surfer and kalmmind managed to settle my fear instantly, it helped me relax as I was focused on adjusting the sound-mixer rather then the nurse injecting me with the meds. Go figure : )

Bart Jawien | AVOCA Ventures


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We designed kalmmind with all our super powers. We're certain they'll help release your inner positive vibes, every time! So we can continue to improve kalmmind we'd love your support, reviews and feedback. Please share them with us!